Ideas For a Home Based Business – How to Track Down Lost Money For Commission

You have decided that you want to start a home based business. The next step was deciding what type of business. You explored many work at home opportunities and finally decided on a business.A business that will help people find unclaimed cash was one of the ideas for a home based business and you decide to pursue this as a home based business. The only problem is you don’t know where to start with finding lost money for commission. Furthermore, this article will focus on the steps involved with tracking down lost money.Did you know that at any given time the state government is holding 10 billion dollars in unclaimed money? Also, the following places are holding unclaimed money such as businesses, banks, other entities and government agencies.The first way to find clients to help with finding unclaimed money or property is to visit an unclaimed property search site. These are pretty much websites that you can search by name and state to find out if someone has any property or money waiting.For example, you can put a last name and first name in the search box or just a last name. Also, you would search in all of the states the person has lived or has family. Every state is in charge of any unclaimed property. Most states have laws and procedures for claiming any unclaimed money or property.The U.S. Treasury Department has over 15 billion dollars in unclaimed savings bond. In addition, some of the bonds have stopped earning interest but the bonds haven’t been claimed by anyone. Savings bonds are very easy to forget because they are supposed to last for 30 years.You can contact the record keeping department for information on unclaimed saving bonds. Also, there is not a statue of limitation on saving bonds and the money stays there until someone claims it.Many people find this line of work exciting as a home based business. This is one of the reasons why some people choose finding unclaimed money as one of their ideas for a home based business.The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has over 133 million dollars of unclaimed pension. It’s really hard to believe that someone or the family wouldn’t claim a pension fund.Some folks actually forget about their pension fund and the money waiting to be claimed. If a company has any unclaimed pensions for an employer then the money is turn over to the PBGC. This protects the money in case the company goes out of business.In addition, you can do a search for unclaimed pension through PBGC website or contact the officeUnclaimed money is any money, property or asset that has been left unattended by the owner. Also, there are different types of unclaimed assets such as unpaid wages, bank accounts, gift certificates, royalty payments and traveler checks.The internet is a good tool to use researching different government organizations and tracking the whereabouts of people. Furthermore, starting an unclaimed cash business can begin as one of the ideas for a home based business but can turn into a successful business.

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